About Our Responders First® Program Collaboration
About Our Responders First® Program Collaboration

About the IAFF Financial Corporation

To better serve IAFF members and all government employees, we have created the IAFF Financial Corporation. The IAFF-FC is a for-profit corporation whose only shareholder is the International Association of Fire Fighters. The mission of the IAFF-FC is to provide outstanding service, numerous investment options, and insurance protection, all with competitive pricing. And the service partners we have selected are nationally respected industry experts.


With meticulous attention to detail and expert legal counsel, our Corporate Board has crafted the IAFF-FC programs.


For more information about the IAFF Financial Corporation, visit www.iaff-fc.com.


About Security Benefit

Eleven visionary men with $11 pooled their money at a Topeka, Kansas, drugstore to create the Knights and Ladies of Security, which was officially chartered on Feb. 22, 1892. Through wars and natural disasters, epidemics and economic upheavals, the company has distinguished itself through the decades as a nationally recognized pioneer in financial performance, product and program innovation, customer service, and employment practices. From its inception when assets could have been easily contained in a child’s bank, Security Benefit Life Insurance Company has evolved into a leader in the U.S. retirement market with assets under management reaching $49.9 billion.1 Our financial strength is further reflected in A- ratings from AM Best, 11/20/2020; Fitch Ratings, 04/15/2021; and Standard & Poor’s®, 09/29/2021.2


For more than 50 years, we’ve focused exclusively on the retirement savings market, offering inventive, simplified savings solutions to help individuals To and Through Retirement®.


To learn more about Security Benefit, download A Company You Can Count On (PDF) or visit www.securitybenefit.com.


1As of 06/30/2021, SBL’s total admitted assets were $43.6 billion and liabilities were $40.0 billion. Total adjusted capital (TAC) of $4.4 billion includes $3.6 billion of capital and surplus plus $0.8 billion of asset valuation reserve. Assets under management totaled $49.9 billion.

2The ratings reflect the financial strength of the insurer and should not be considered to have any bearing on the investment performance of assets held in any SBL separate account. Rating agencies take many factors into account when assigning a financial strength or claims-paying rating to an insurer. For a more complete understanding of the reasons for the ratings assigned to SBL, please refer to the ratings assessment.

Annuities are issued by Security Benefit Life Insurance Company (SBL) in 48 states, plus the District of Columbia. Responders First® is not available in Idaho and New York.


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