Protecting Your
Retirement Assets

Responders First®

A collaboration between the IAFF Financial Corporation and Security Benefit Life Insurance Company to help fire fighters, retirees, and their spouses achieve a confident, comfortable retirement

The Responders First® Program Offers Principal Protection, Interest Potential, And Peace Of Mind

With Responders First®, you can receive interest credits based on a portion of the increase of a financial market index with a guarantee that you never lose money because of market losses.

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This product is not available in New York.

Retirement Challenges for Fire fighters

As a fire fighter, you’re great at saving things–not only people and property but also money to supplement your pension in retirement.

If you’re like many fire fighters approaching the end of your career, you want to ensure you and your family will be taken care of, your savings will last, and your investments will be enough to see you through potentially three decades or more of retirement.